CVPRO TOOLING, is an international company, founded by the group CVPRO GROUP located in Barcelona (Spain), consisting of a professional structure with an experience of over 25 years in engineering and limited productions of products, tools, and injection molds for plastic, aluminum and Zamak.

For over 10 years, we produce more than 90% of our molds in Asia, we always have the premise of ensuring the highest quality of service, due compliance with the specifications provided by the client for the final product and since then, everything this coupled with very competitive prices.

In order to produce the highest quality molds we are aplied a continuous process from the design to final adjustment. CVPRO together the expertise and the commitment required to ensure the ultimate success

CVPROTOOLING aims to provide experience and knowledge in this field to serve your industry

  • Moulds for plastic injection, consumption or technique.
  • Moulds for aluminum injection.
  • Zamak injection molds for parts.

We work with a methodical process, our steps are:

First, we send the customer the mold project for approval, before starting its development.

According to customer needs, we are committed to client regularly report it of the state of mechanization of the mold by photographs.

Once produced, samples are sent for approval before sending the mold to your destination.

We have qualified personnel to perform all project monitoring both Asia and Europe.

The molds have guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. We have workshops for maintenance and for possible changes once the mold delivery at destination.

We could elaborate any in 24 hours, without compromise.

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